10 signs to be afraid of security vulnerabilities this Halloween

October 30th, 2013   |     |  Smarter Identity

The days leading up to Halloween have been filled with companies getting hacked. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Earlier this week, the Syrian Electronic Army compromised President Obama’s Twitter account through a link shortening service. But even scarier was Adobe’s announcement yesterday that 38 million user accounts were hacked (up from their original estimate of 3 million).

How afraid should you be? Well, if any of these 10 signs apply to your organization then you should be very afraid:

Your employees:

    1. Use the same password for multiple applications and never change them
    1. Manage passwords in spreadsheets or on sticky notes
    1. Can still access your data after they no longer work for you
    1. Forget usernames and passwords on a daily basis
    1. Share and never change passwords for applications like FedEx, Twitter and LinkedIn

Your IT Department:

    1. Is burdened with password-related support
    1. Has zero insight into application usage and security
    1. Cannot enforce security policies in the cloud
    1. Lacks proper reporting tools to ensure compliance
    1. Struggles with integrating your directory infrastructure with the cloud
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