Helping Customers Save on IT Costs

Reduce Identity Management Costs

Save infrastructure and operational costs by moving user profile data management to the cloud.


Eliminate expensive and time-consuming integration costs for directories and applications.


Reduce labor costs related to onboarding and offboarding as well as password reset.

OneLogin automates security policies in the cloud, efficiently extending access control across your organization

Pre-Integrated Apps

Central to OneLogin are 6,000+ application integrations that administrators can deploy in minutes. Integrations include applications based in the cloud and behind the firewall.

Thousands of pre-integrated applications
OneLogin's cloud directory saves money

Cloud Directory

OneLogin acts as your secure directory in the cloud with an intuitive web-based interface that allows you to manage user identities, authentication policies and access control without the hassle of maintaining costly on-prem directories.

OneLogin's cloud-based identity saves you money

Cloud-based Identity

OneLogin offers the highest value cloud-based identity management service with advanced functionality for all your access needs. Highly available and offered on-demand, OneLogin eliminates on-premises infrastructure and maintenance costs.


Prevent unauthorized access to critical corporate data, while cutting management time and costs for your business. Consolidate multi-factor authentication (MFA) and eliminate the need for 3rd party MFA vendors. Plus, strong authentication saves you millions of dollars by protecting you from future data breaches.

Reduce costs through MFA
OneLogin automated provisioning saves time and reduces costs

Identity Lifecycle Management

With automated onboarding and offboarding, your IT team spends less time doing administrative work and your new employees can get up-and-running faster. Reduce costs further by tracking and eliminating unused software license costs that drain budget.

Self-Service Password Reset

Eliminate helpdesk tickets related to password reset and reduce account lock outs. Helpdesk call reduction allows for better response times on critical issues while decreasing administrative expenses, so IT can spend more time on high-priority projects, not helpdesk tickets.

Self-service password reset functionality reduces costs

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