Helping Customers Save on IT Costs

Reduce Identity Management Costs

Save infrastructure and operational costs by moving identity and access management to the cloud.

Reduce Directory Integration Costs

Eliminate expensive directory integration costs for every app.

Reduce Directory Costs

Consolidate user profile data in the cloud and save hardware, software and maintenance costs.

OneLogin automates your identity policy, efficiently extending it to the cloud.

Pre-Integrated Apps

Central to OneLogin are thousands of application integrations that administrators can deploy in minutes. Integrations are included for applications in the cloud and behind the firewall.

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Cloud Directory

OneLogin’s Cloud Directory serves as the ultimate resource, keeping all user profile data secure, accurate and up to date. Syncing with other directories and apps ensures consistency while the cost of dedicated hardware, software and maintenance is removed.

Cloud-based Identity

OneLogin offers the highest value plans for a secure next-generation identity management service. Highly available and offered on-demand, OneLogin eliminates on-premises infrastructure and maintenance costs.

Secure all your apps, users, and devices