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Managing OneLogin

This five-part video training shows you how to perform basic day-to-day management tasks and troubleshoot common problems on the OneLogin Platform.

  • Part 1: Demonstrates the OneLogin Platform experience from the end user's point of view and enumerates the built-in privilege levels that can be used to control what OneLogin administrators can see and do within the OneLogin Admin UI.
  • Part 2: Explains how to perform common day-to-day user management tasks such as resetting user passwords or revoking a user's MFA device.
  • Part 3: Instructs how to manage passwords for particular types of applications your users might connect to.
  • Part 4: Illustrates how various automation features work within the OneLogin Platform. This information can be helpful when trying to troubleshoot certain common issues.
  • Part 5: Covers helpful tools within the OneLogin Platform that can be used to help troubleshoot such as the Event Viewer, Job Monitor and Reporting service.

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