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Implementing SmartFactor Authentication

This is a four-part video training series that covers the various components that make up our OneLogin SmartFactor Authentication™ add-on.

  • Part 1: Explains what components you get when you purchase SmartFactor Authentication and explains how several of these features work: Vigilance AI™, Smart Access and Smart MFA.
  • Part 2: Explores Smart Flows such as the Passwordless login flow and the Brute-Force Defense login flow that prompt users for MFA first.
  • Part 3: Shows how you can use Smart Hooks to detect if users already have an MFA device registered and allows them to register an MFA device before they are directed to use a Passwordless or Brute-Force Defense login flow that prompts them for MFA first.
  • Part 4: Demonstrates which features you can use to prevent users from using passwords that can be easily guessed or that have already been breached: Dynamic Password Blacklist and Compromised Credential Check.

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