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How to Get Started With OneLogin's Workforce Identity

This seven-part video training series walks you through the main steps you will need to complete in order to implement OneLogin successfully for your organization.

  • Part 1: Discusses how OneLogin might be used by your end users as well as how to do a couple of simple administrative tasks you will want to complete before you fully jump into implementation.
  • Part 2: Shows the various ways you can create and update users within OneLogin: manually creating users, importing users via CSV file, synchronizing users with existing directories and utilizing the OneLogin User API.
  • Part 3: Walks you through how to create user policies in OneLogin that will control how your users log in.
  • Part 4: Instructs you on how to both manually assign users to security policies as well as how to automatically assign them to policies based upon particular criteria such as the department they are in or their location information.
  • Part 5: Introduces OneLogin's App Connectors and explores the authentication methods a user might use to log in to an application from OneLogin.
  • Part 6: Explains how to configure provisioning of users into applications so their user accounts within the applications are created and updated automatically from OneLogin when they are assigned to the application.
  • Part 7: Covers how to configure single sign-on (SSO) to applications using protocols such as SAML and how to assign applications to users both manually and automatically.