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Configuring OneLogin's Office 365 V2 App Connector

This four-part video series covers how to configure OneLogin's connector to Office 365.

  • Part 1: Discusses the various configuration options you might have configured in your environment when configuring access to Office 365 for your users. When configuring how users will log in to Office 365, it is important to plan for not only how they will log in but also how their user accounts will be created. This video covers the various components that could be involved such as Azure AD, Azure AD Connect, Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS), Active Directory Directory Services (ADDS), OneLogin and OneLogin's Active Directory Connector (ADC).

  • Part 2: Introduces the questions you need to ask and have answers for before you begin your configuration and shows you how to add in the main app connector that is used for configuring user access to Office 365.

  • Part 3: Shows how to configure OneLogin so that your users can automatically have accounts created for them in Azure AD and assigned the appropriate licenses in Office 365. This means that as soon as your users are assigned the Office 365 App Connector within OneLogin, they will be able to log in to Office 365.

  • Part 4: Instructs how to configure Single Sign-On to Office 365 for your users.