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Total Cost of Ownership Overview AD FS vs OneLogin


Are you really going to double down on machines, software and professionals services to extend AD?

Are you planning to federate Active Directory to Azure AD in order to secure your cloud apps? If so, the two TCO scenarios below show that this will cost you between $132k and $940k over 3 years (of course, your costs will vary depending on your specific inputs).

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Calculating the Total Cost of Ownership of Federating Active Directory to Azure AD and Your Cloud Apps

General Inputs and Assumptions

High-Performance Architecture Keeps Everything in Sync

Zero-Config, One-minute Active Directory Integration

Integrated Desktop Single Sign-On

Precise User Provisioning of Apps and Security Policies

Real-time Deprovisioning and Compliance Reporting

High Availability Mode

Global Infrastructure, EU hosting option, and a 99.9% Uptime Guarantee

Unify Multiple Directories

Self-Service Password Reset


Reference Architectures for Highly Available AD FS

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