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Access Management for Federal Agencies

Learn about an emerging class of technologies for centralizing access management across all the fragmented pieces of your IT environment.

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The unified access management imperative

The application makeup within federal agencies could not be more divided, with 50.8% of their apps hosted on-prem and 49.2% hosted in the cloud (CITE Research, The State of the Federal IT Landscape).

This hybrid reality challenges the existing approaches to access management that are plagued with fragmentation, complexity, and inefficiency—not to mention inherent cybersecurity risk.

This whitepaper offers federal IT and security professionals an opportunity to:

  • Benchmark against other federal agencies based on a quantitative study.
  • Learn how a new class of technologies is emerging to centralize access management across all the fragmented pieces in your environment (all users, all apps, and all devices).
  • Take a deep dive into the technical insights that will enable you to migrate off of painful, legacy web access management technologies by using the OneLogin Software-as-a-Service offering to manage access for both cloud & on-prem apps.