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Digital Transformation in Manufacturing: IT Leaders Perspectives

As the technology landscape continues to evolve at break-neck speeds, the manufacturing industry is working diligently to fast-track their digital transformation efforts. Most manufacturers have to transition from legacy systems to cloud environments, while balancing global workforces and supply chain systems, on top of the need to rapidly scale business with demand. A modern, scalable Identity & Access Management (IAM) solution is the answer for manufacturers looking to optimize workflows, centralize their systems and applications, and enable secure access for their employees, contractors and supply chain partners.

Join industry IT leaders Luke Eaton of Steelcase, Tommy Craddock of Koozie Group (previously BIC Graphic) & Dawn Armstrong of Virgin Hyperloop for a live panel discussion on:

  • Modernizing legacy systems and identity strategy
  • Utilizing IAM to improve global data security, supply chain agility and efficiency
  • Reducing the risk of compliance failures
  • And more!

Presenters include:

Luke Eaton
Steelcase - IT Manager, Steelcase

Tommy Craddock
BIC Graphic (Koozie Group) - Sr Linux/Unix and Infrastructure Engineer

Dawn Armstrong
Virgin Hyperloop - VP, Information Technology