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Extensibility: Essential to Your IAM Strategy

Extensibility: Essential to Your IAM Strategy
On Demand
  • Recorded Date:Jun. 22, 2021
  • Event:On Demand
Extensibility: Essential to Your IAM Strategy

With the technology landscape evolving so rapidly, it is incredibly challenging to ensure your technology stack stays in lock-step with the needs of your business and buyers. Platform extensibility allows you to continuously adapt your applications to scale and change as your business grows.

An extensible platform enables you to customize, build, and adapt the base code for a given application. This becomes incredibly valuable when you are building security functionality into your application. By working with a cloud vendor that values extensibility in their platform, you can easily build out the custom workflows and integrations that work for your business, without burdening your developer teams with custom code requirements.

  • What is extensibility and why is it important:
  • The benefits of low code and severless environments
  • Why extensibility is critical to your Identity and Access Management (IAM) strategy
  • How OneLogin’s Smart Hooks can increase flexibility and scale, while decreasing time-to-market