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Why Passwords are the Enemy of the Modern Enterprise


If passwords are designed to improve security, why are they responsible for 81% of breaches?

Passwords are reused too often, not rotated often enough, repeated across personal and corporate accounts, stolen in consumer breaches, and used in brute spray attacks against your company.

Join identity and security veteran Thomas Pedersen, Co-Founder and CTO of OneLogin, for a speedy 25-minute webinar where you will walk away with:

  • Common attack scenarios pulled from the millions of login events OneLogin processes every day
  • Why 23% of all login activity in Office 365 is malicious activity from China - and what to do about it
  • How to eliminate up to 90% or more of the passwords in use at your company in favor of SAML
Presenters include:

Thomas Pedersen
CTO & Co-Founder, OneLogin

Michael Gleason
Product Marketing, OneLogin