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The Future of Enterprise Identity Management


In today’s SaaS-centric world, managing passwords to hundreds of cloud apps is a major problem for users and IT administrators. The password issues increase risks, drain user’s productivity and burn up valuable administrator time.

Fortunately, new standards and cloud architectures have emerged that allow organizations to take passwords out of the equation, improve the user experience, and deliver the right security to any user, in any location, for any app, from any device, at any time. Today, Identity and Access Management (IAM) from the cloud is maturing and offers capabilities beyond just single sign-on (SSO), making Identity as a Service (IDaaS) a viable replacement for traditional on-premises IAM implementations. In this new market reality, organizations of all sizes need to be prepared to transition to an IDaaS offering.

Join guest Merritt Maxim, Senior Analyst at Forrester Research, and David Meyer, VP Product at OneLogin, as they discuss the state of IDaaS in the context of new architectures and real world use-cases, including:

  • Challenges in extending on-premises IAM approaches to the cloud
  • Implications of new standards and authentication methods in the cloud and mobile environment
  • Practices to reconcile systems of record against a cloud directory, and requirements to control access to thousands of SaaS applications
  • Workflows and user account management when automating user provisioning and deprovisioning activities whether for cloud or on-premises applications