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Enable Your Remote Workforce with Secured Identity and Access Management


The situation of remote workforce is here to stay. Access to systems is important to keep the productivity up but so is security. With OneLogin’s trusted experience platform, it is easy.

Join OneLogin’s Suhail Ismail, Sales Director, Asia Pacific and GS Lab’s Mrinal Srivastava, Solutions Architect, Cyber Security for an informative discussion on how to:

  • Provide your remote users easy access to on-prem and cloud applications by eliminating passwords using SSO
  • Implement a smart multi-factor authentication for an added layer of security
  • On-board and disable users in minutes to their machines+applications
  • Develop a plan to secure your applications that are typically accessed from the internal network.
Presenters include:

Suhail Ismail
APAC Director, OneLogin

Mrinal Srivastava
Solutions Architect, Cyber Security, gslab