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To Pay or Not to Pay, That is the Ransomware Question


In this Executive Panel discussion, Vanessa Pegueros discusses with her expert panelists the business impacts to organizations when hit with a ransomware attack. The decisions made during the crisis hold real business consequences on whether to pay or not to pay.

Our expert panelists will share their real-world experiences of consequences experienced when the business decision is made to pay and also not to pay. There are direct financial consequences when making these decisions but increasing indirect consequences are coming to light such as brand, reputational, ethical and transparency within the cybersecurity industry.

Presenters include:

Vanessa Pegueros
Chief Trust and Security Officer, OneLogin

Alex Rice
Co-founder & CTO, OneLogin, Hackerone

Errol Weiss

Mary N. Chaney
Board Member & Entrepreneur

Laura Chang
Consultant, CKH Partners, LLC