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OneLogin Q2 2020 Product Release


Watch the OneLogin Product Team teach about the new features and enhancements included in our Q2 2020 Product Release! In this release we will highlight key features and functionality around the following:

  • Redesign and optimization of the user profile page & mobile application
  • Biometric support for the OneLogin Protect application
  • New functionalities of our Enterprise Sandbox
  • Quality of life updates for the admin user experience
  • Enhancements for app rules & new Admin APIs
Presenters include:

Rich Chetwynd
APIs, OIDC & Vigilance AI, OneLogin

John Offenhartz
Directory & Provisioning, OneLogin

Brandon Simons
Authentication, OneLogin

Michael Tsai
Endpoint Security, OneLogin

Kayla Gesek
Admin & End User Portal, OneLogin