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Prevent Laptop Security Breaches, No Active Direct


It only takes one unsecured laptop for a security breach to occur. OneLogin Desktop can fix that. Cloud-first companies can use it to secure laptops by connecting them to our cloud directory. Companies with Active Directory can use it to secure laptops that aren’t domain joined — Macs or PCs used by non-employees.

Watch this webinar to find out how you can:

  • Extend strong authentication policies to all your laptops, including operating system password complexity, rotation, and uniqueness
  • Implement frictionless multi-factor authentication that secures all SaaS application access without impacting employee productivity
  • Reduce service desk loads by presenting end users with a simplified sign-in experience that reduces password-reset requests
Presenters include:

Al Sargent
Sr. Dir. Product Marketing, OneLogin

Tal Herman
Lead Product Manager, Identity, OneLogin