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Myths & Realities of MFA: The CISO Perspective


Passwords alone won’t cut it in the days of sophisticated phishing, spoofed email, and social engineering attacks. High-profile security breaches are making headlines weekly, and the number of incidents continues to rise. Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) has become the go-to tactic to prevent malicious parties from accessing sensitive corporate data. While MFA provides undeniable value, conventional MFA solutions are difficult and time-consuming to implement with end-user usability implications.

Watch this informative on-demand webcast hosted by SC Media featuring OneLogin’s CISO, Alvaro Hoyo, as we uncover the current state of MFA and the tangible security value it provides, plus key elements of a successful MFA strategy.

Presenters include:

Stephen Lawton
Special Projects Editor, SC Media

Alvaro Hoyos
CISO, OneLogin