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Identity Crisis? Solved.


We talk a lot about how passwords are obsolete, easy to breach, and generally just an old technology that should be replaced. Yet many companies are hesitant to engage in emerging identity management technology because of the costs, the complexity of replacing one identity access management approach with another, and the challenge of layering on new identity and access management (IAM) without breaking existing identity products — the management can be a monumental challenge. Today’s users might be local or remote using a variety of devices, they might be connecting to the corporate network or the cloud, and in some cases, the “user” is an automated system or service account that has a minimal amount of actual human interaction. The assets connecting to the network can be physical or virtual, and in some cases might exist only for a very short time before being decommissioned. In short, this is not the identity management environment of just a couple of years ago. This 20/20 webcast and Special Report looks at the future of identity management — alternatives to passwords such as biometrics, AI, multifactor authentication and more — and looks at how CISOs can make sense of this rapidly evolving landscape.

Presenters include:

Niamh Muldoon
Sr. Director, Trust & Security (EMEA), OneLogin