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How to Harden Your MFA with Machine Learning


For security teams who need to reduce the risk of account takeovers, static multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a thing of the past for catching new security risks. Legacy MFA providers that use static rules miss high-risk login and miss security risks. Machine intelligence is now required to determine whether to prompt users for MFA using a broad set of inputs, including networks, geography, devices and time.

Learn how to detect a broader set of attacks and strengthen your company’s security posture.

In this learning session, OneLogin’s Al Sargent joins Forrester Senior Analyst, Merritt Maxim to dissect the current state of MFA and highlight the role of machine learning to advance the state of corporate security.

Presenters include:

Al Sargent
Sr. Product Director, OneLogin

Maxim Merritt
Senior Security Analyst, Forrester