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The Evolving World of Privacy Laws


The California Consumer Privacy Act goes into effect January 1, 2020. This expansive new law radically shifts companies’ obligations to track and protect consumers’ personal information. Companies doing business in California with over $25M of revenue per year should be close to deploying the behavioral changes and technological solutions necessary to comply with the law. Tune in to this webinar to help get on the right track. You will receive information on the following:

  • The origin and driving force behind privacy regulation in the US and abroad.
  • The challenges with compliance.
  • The scope of data subject to the new law.
  • When and how the law will be enforced.
  • The penalties associated with a failure to comply.
  • “Pro-Tips” for compliance with the new law.
  • The potential for uniform federal privacy regulation.
  • The role of Identity and Access Management processes and tools in privacy compliance and remediation

Join Steven Scherer, the Chief Information Security Officer for ICSynergy and Margaret Redman, Senior Vice President with Fidelity National Title Group for a fun and informative discussion on these topics.

Presenters include:

Margaret Redman
SVP, Fidelity National Title Insurance Company

Khizar Sultan
Sr. Director, Solution Engineering, OneLogin

Stever Scherer
CSO, SPG ICSynergy