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Empower the Workplace Using Modern Authentication


Passwords typically lead the entryway for accessing a company’s assets. However, with the increase in data breaches due to weak passwords, organizations are looking for better alternatives when it comes to authentication.

Learn how WebAuthn helps organizations move away from passwords and towards a reduced password environment. Now organizations have the flexibility and options to leverage biometrics authentication for seamless user experience, without compromising security.

In this webinar, Jeff Broberg, Senior Director of Product Management for OneLogin and Karen Larson, Manager of Integrations for Yubico Program, will discuss:

  • How modern biometrics authentication impacts today’s workforce
  • Use cases of WebAuthn/FIDO2
  • Best practices to employ WebAuthn/FIDO2 authentication to enable secure access to your organization’s assets
Presenters include:

Jeff Broberg
Sr. Director, Mobile Product Management, OneLogin

Karen Larson
Manager of Integrations, Yubico