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Protecting the UK and Europe from Cyber Security Aggressions


Cyber Security threats know no borders and are constantly changing and evolving in complexity and maturity. No single country alone can tackle these dynamic cyber threats - it takes international cooperation to build a stable and secure cyberspace.

According to Cybercrime Magazine, the cost of damages incurred by cybercrime is predicted to hit $6 trillion annually by 2021 - up from $3 trillion in 2015.

Join Ciaran Martin, founder of the UK’s world-leading National Cyber Security Centre and professor at Oxford University, as he discusses global cybersecurity trends, his management of more than 2,000 cyber-attacks against the UK and his detective work that prompted the UK government to call out cyber aggression from other countries.

You’ll also hear from OneLogin’s VP Global Technical Security Solutions, Stuart Sharp and Ciaran Martin as they sit down to discuss cybersecurity trends in a post-COVID world.

Presenters include:

Ciaran Martin
Founding CEO of the National Cyber Security Centre and Professor, University of Oxford

Stuart Sharp
VP of Technical Services, OneLogin