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Don’t Cut Corners for Your 2021 IT/Security Plan


Hold on to your hat because we’re taking a ride with the fastest mode of ground transportation in the world - Virgin Hyperloop! As you begin planning for 2021, make sure you don’t cut corners to satisfy the fiscal efficiency demands from your org leaders. Watch this crucial webinar for mid-sized companies.

Partake in the conversation with OneLogin customer, Dawn Armstrong, VP of Information Technology at Virgin Hyperloop, to better understand:

  • What IT and Security leaders are prioritizing for 2021
  • How to obtain executive buy-in to fasttrack budget approval
  • What kind of return you can expect from critical security/IT tech
  • The fastest way to enable operational efficiency across your business

In today’s uncertain times, secure your organization with OneLogin’s Trusted Customer Experience™ while saving time, money, and resources. You don’t want to miss this conversation!

Dawn Armstrong
Vice President of Information Technology