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Compliance in the Era of Cloud


Protecting privacy and preventing data loss are key drivers behind today’s governance and regulatory requirements. Yet as enterprises enthusiastically embrace SaaS applications for their employees, customers, and partners with the intent to deliver unprecedented productivity and customer satisfaction, these organizations are essentially entrusting 3rd parties with their business critical data.

As an IT professional, you are required to participate in the ongoing governance and audit process. Your responsibilities span delivering IT services quickly and easily to end users, while providing the necessary controls to enforce access policies, ensure security and reduce exposure and risk.

Join OneLogin, the leader in enterprise identity management for a lively, informative webinar and live demonstration packed with actionable insights for driving a more compliant portfolio of cloud services.

  • How to implement a secure access strategy no matter where your data lives or how your users access it
  • How to easily federate directories and facilitate cross domain access
  • How to enforce access control policies to support compliance with mandates
  • How to audit application access and usage