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Bug Bounties & Extortion Payments: CISO Accountability


Earlier this summer a federal court delivered an indictment for obstruction of justice to a former chief security officer, yielding a hefty $150 million fine to be paid by the company.

These charges led many executive and security leaders to question the accountability for corporate officers in the future and what they should do to prevent a similar situation.

Watch this fireside chat with OneLogin’s Senior Director of Trust & Security, EMEA Niamh Muldoon, and Head Legal Counsel, Paul Ambrosio, while they discuss:

  • CISO obligations to protect the organization financially and enable the organization to grow
  • What steps CISOs can take before, during, and after an incident to avoid facing a similar situation
Presenters include:

Niamh Muldoon
Senior Director of Trust & Security, EMEA, OneLogin

Paul Ambrosio
Head Legal Counsel, OneLogin