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The Agile Workforce: How Business Leaders Are Adjusting and Planning for the Post COVID-19 World


COVID-19 kicked off an unprecedented global move to remote work. Businesses had to react with break-neck speed, invoke business continuity plans, and implement the right technology to enable their employees to seamlessly work from home. And now, 12 weeks after many states invoked shelter-in-place rules and amidst economic uncertainty, business leaders are finding new ways to plan for the future and send employees back to work.

Hear from OneLogin’s Chief Marketing Officer Dayna Rothman and Chief Operating Officer Rick Barr for a discussion on:

  • Lessons learned during the rapid shift to remote work
  • The importance of business continuity planning
  • Preparing for the return to the office
Presenters include:

Dayna Rothman
CMO, OneLogin

Rick Barr
COO, OneLogin