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4 Principles of Zero Trust

In order to securely enable employees to access the resources and data they need to get their work done anytime and anywhere, a Zero Trust approach is critical. With the shift to hybrid work models, adopting Zero Trust involves a shift in mindset to the concept of ‘always verify, never trust’. Therefore, network locality is no longer sufficient for deciding trust in a network.

Join OneLogin’s Security Expert, Brandon Anderson, and guest speaker, Forrester Zero Trust Analyst Steve Turner, on July 7 at 10AM PT/1PM ET for a discussion on the four principles that your IT & Security teams need to adopt in order to begin your Zero Trust journey.

We will also cover:

How to effectively put a hybrid operating model in place for office and remote working
What to look for when evaluating technical solutions for implementing Zero Trust effectively
What the recent Presidential Executive Order means for security leaders
And more!

Presenters include:

Forrester Zero Trust Analyst

Brandon Anderson
OneLogin’s Security Expert