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Securing the CISO

In today’s “work-from-anywhere” era, CISOs and IT executives have carried the weight of it all - managing all aspects of information security for their organizations and securing the transition to the remote workforce. They work tirelessly to make sure their organizations’ information assets and technologies are properly protected.

As a result, these CISOs and IT executives have been forthright about the ever-increasing pressures of the job - leading to deteriorating mental health, addiction issues, and even suicidal thoughts and tendencies. According to the OneLogin IAMokay Mental Health Survey, more than 77% of technology leaders have said that their work-related stress increased due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In honor of May’s Mental Health Awareness month, hear from our own Vanessa Pegueros, Chief Trust and Security Officer at OneLogin, and our guests, Tal Hornstein, CISO at Hippo Insurance (OneLogin customer), Ben de Bont, CISO at ServiceNow as well as Robin Massey, who holds a PhD in Industrial-Organizational Psychology, and is the Founder of RLM Consultants and VP of MindWire Group, for a discussion on:

  • Shedding light on mental health issues within the cybersecurity industry and what organizations are doing to take a stand
  • The industry challenges and opportunities with CISO stress and what the industry can take away, learn from, and adapt to support better practices based on increased mental health issues within the cybersecurity industry
  • Guiding principles and resources on mental health that industry organizations have put in place for mental health support and managing stress in the workplace

Presenters include:

Vanessa Pegueros
Chief Trust and Security Officer, OneLogin

Tal Hornstein
Hippo Insurance, CISO

Ben de Bont
ServiceNow, CISO

Kayla Gesek
Moderator, OneLogin Cybersecurity expert

Robin Massey
PhD in Industrial-Organizational Psychology,
Founder of RLM Consultants and VP of MindWire Group