OneLogin Platform Overview

The OneLogin Platform Overview introduces the fundamental purpose and functions of the OneLogin Platform. If you are new to OneLogin or need a description of the basic OneLogin platform, this overview is for you.

This series of 5 short videos covers an overview of the OneLogin portal, importing and managing users, configuring security for the portal, adding applications to the portal, and the automation tools available within OneLogin.

How the OneLogin portal works

OneLogin Platform Overview Module 1: Product Overview

A brief look at the OneLogin portal and its basic functions.

How to manage users in OneLogin

OneLogin Platform Overview Module 2: Managing Users

A discussion of how the users of the OneLogin platform may be added to the OneLogin Unified Directory and how existing directories are connected to OneLogin.

How to configure security in the OneLogin portal

OneLogin Platform Overview Module 3: Configuring Security

A tour of the security protocols that control access to the OneLogin portal and the ways in which they are assigned to users.

How to add apps to the OneLogin portal

OneLogin Platform Overview Module 4: Applications

An observation of the methods typically used in application login and the ways in which applications are added to the OneLogin portal.

What tools to use to assign security protocols and apps to users

OneLogin Platform Overview Module 5: Automation

An examination of the tools that may be used to assign security protocols and applications to the users of the OneLogin platform.


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