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What Did We Learn? Scaling On-Prem and Cloud Based Applications for Remote Work


In March, Employees all over the world were forced to work remotely for the unforeseeable future and because so many businesses were unprepared to facilitate this change, companies were blindsided and struggling to find a solution. Even the most prepared businesses were challenged.

Because of OneLogin’s unique role in securing remote work, we got to learn from not only our own internal challenges, but the challenges our customers faced across every global industry. Join Gary Gwin, Senior Director of Product Management, and Khizar Sultan, Senior Director of Solution Engineering, for key learnings and best practices such as:

  • How to build a foundation for secure remote work with Identity and Access Management
  • How to ensure employees have access to both on-prem and cloud-based applications
  • OneLogin’s own experience going remote and our go-forward strategy The top challenges, pitfalls, and key learnings from thousands of customers

COVID-19 has changed the way we work and the need for secure remote productivity has never been greater.

Presenters include:

Gary Gwin
Director of Product Management, OneLogin

Khizar Sultan
Sr. Director of Solution Engineering, OneLogin