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Future of Work Fireside Chat: The Evolution of the Cloud and Security in a Transitioning World

Today’s businesses need to rely on the cloud more than ever before. With the move to remote work and evolving consumer demands, digital transformation is accelerating at a rapid pace. With employees accessing critical applications remotely, businesses can no longer afford to be tied down to legacy, on-premises systems. You need to provide access from any location on any device in a way that is secure and can scale as your business grows.

Join Brad Brooks, CEO of OneLogin and Chris Grusz, Director of Business Development, AWS Marketplace, Service Catalogue and Control Tower in a fireside chat where they discuss:

  • How the constant state of workforce transition has impacted cloud migration
  • Security as the core foundation for effective digital transformation
  • How AWS and OneLogin work together to provide security, reliability, and global scale

Presenters include:

Brad Brooks
CEO & President, OneLogin

Chris Grusz
Director of Business Development, awsmarketplase