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How orderbird Frees Employees to Deliver More Value to Customers by Streamlining Secure Access


Every fast-growing company struggles to balance agility with adequate governance and controls when it comes to resource access. While the increased reliance on cloud-based applications simplifies matters, it doesn’t change the desire and need for secure access.

Tune in to hear how Frank Schlesinger, CTO at orderbird, transformed the way his company manages employee identities, and how they gained the ability to provision and deprovision in minutes with only two IT people.

Other topics Frank will cover are:

  • Securing applications on OneLogin
  • Agility during a pandemic, -GDPR compliance Security as a top priority now and forever
  • The transition to a full remote work organization, and where they see the future of “back to the office” going.

Frank Schlesinger
CTO, Orderbird