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The Updated 2020 COVID-19 State of Remote Work Survey Report

Read this ebook to find out how well companies are managing security for their remote workforce.

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Nine months ago we launched a global survey of 5,000 workers who made the move to remote work since the COVID-19 outbreak. The global pandemic has forced many of us to change how and where we work. We wanted to know whether or not they were following best security practices now that they were working from home and how they felt about this move to a new working environment.

With vaccines starting to roll out and a possible end to this pandemic in sight, we decided to revisit our original survey. This time around we focused on users in the United States and added a few more questions to see how far we have come and how our challenges have evolved.

Learn how employees and organizations have changed since first enabling their remote workforce in terms of:

  • The Security Implications of Remote Work
  • Going Back into The Office
  • The Impact of Remote Work on Employees
  • Businesses' Responses to Remote Work