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How to Protect Customer and Application Data

Read this free e-book to learn how to identify PII, ensure that the data is kept secure, and develop an Incident Response Plan for any possible breaches.

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Keeping customer personal identifiable information (PII) private is of the utmost importance. If this data is compromised in any way, customers will lose faith in your business, your brand name will be sullied, and there can be monetary costs in terms of revenue and fines. If you are storing any sort of customer personal data, even just their name, you need to know what frameworks are out there governing how this data should be handled and securely processed.

Download our ebook to find out more about how to:

  • Identify what type of data is PII
  • Ensure that the data is kept secure every step along its lifecycle
  • Formulate an Incident Response Plan to handle any possible breaches