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2020 US Presidential Election Survey Results

Read this eBook to see how politics, social change, online voting, cyber threats, and COVID-19 are shaping the way Americans think about voting.

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How Politics, Social Change, Online Voting, Cyber Threats, and COVID-19 are Shaping the Way Americans Think about Voting

The foundation of a secure online voting system is the ability to manage and authenticate voter identity. With the majority of breaches occurring due to poor password practices and stolen credentials, ensuring secure access is critical.

Since securing identities is core to what we do here at OneLogin, we surveyed voters across the nation to see where they stood. To understand the top concerns, we asked registered voters across all political parties, regions of the country, races, age ranges, about their thoughts on the US 2020 general election.

In this report, we cover the following topics:

  • The current election landscape
  • General election polls and demographics
  • The top concerns surrounding the 2020 election
  • How COVID-19 has impacted voting
  • The current state of online voting and associated security concerns