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On-Prem Environments: The Significant Security Threats & Dangers to Your Business

Download this ebook about the security dangers of on-prem environments, Zero-Trust frameworks and IAM solutions, and security-first cultures.

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If you are like many security and IT leaders, cyber threats are an all-too-real possibility. With cyberattacks on the rise and high profile hacks impacting legacy on-prem architecture, more and more organizations are accelerating their move to the cloud. As the workforce becomes more distributed and hackers develop new ways to exploit vulnerabilities, remaining tied to on-premises infrastructure is a huge risk for businesses.

Accelerating your move to the cloud is a business imperative, which is becoming more and more urgent every day. Download our ebook to learn about:

  • The current state of on-premises infrastructure
  • The top five dangers of on-premises environments
  • Top security precautions when moving to the cloud
  • The importance of implementing Zero Trust frameworks and IAM solutions
  • How to develop a security-first culture