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Trauma of Repeated Cyberattacks: Lessons Learned

Download this study to understand how organizations should look beyond the security impacts of a cyberattack and consider the trauma to the people involved.

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There has been significant research relative to the impacts of trauma on human beings and the associated treatment of that trauma. With the increasing frequency of cyberattacks and associated breaches, people within organizations are experiencing similar traumatic effects felt by victims of a more physical attack or incident. 

With the continued escalation of cyberattacks, there are significant parallels between the impacts of these attacks on organizations and the impacts on individuals experiencing some form of trauma. Consequently, there are key lessons to be learned from the treatment of trauma victims and the techniques to help organizations become more prepared and resilient relative to cyberattacks. 

Read this ebook to learn about how organizations should be working to implement solutions beyond just security technology and look to the process and people elements of the solution.