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Démystifier la sécurité Zero Trust

Démystifier la sécurité Zero Trust

Passwords are not enough

As you probably know, protecting applications with just a password is a recipe for breaches. What you might not know is that the situation is getting worse. The 2016 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) stated that nearly two-thirds of data breaches involve weak, default, or stolen passwords; the 2017 edition of the DBIR showed that number increasing to over 80%. Two factors that may be driving this trend: weak passwords are common, and those weak passwords can be guessed in less than a millisecond.

Download this interview to learn about risk-based authentication, including:

  • How static rules fail
  • Machine learning for smarterrisk scoring
  • How Adaptive Authentication Addresses Threats
  • Implementing Adaptive Authentication within your organization
Démystifier la sécurité Zero Trust