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Delegated Administration: The Secret Ingredient in Today’s Security Landscape

Today’s security is not very secure. In fact, Forrester estimates that 80 percent of all hacking-related data breaches involve compromised credentials for privileged access (higher access rights than other users), such as passwords, tokens, and certificates.   

This statistic highlights the prevalence of privileged credential abuse, which Gartner considers one of the greatest threats to organizations today. Clearly, standard access management and security policies. But how can organizations protect their businesses against cyberattacks, while still fostering new business growth?

The answer lies in Zero Trust, which centers on the concept that organizations should never trust anything inside or outside its perimeters. While the legacy model of “trust, but verify” used to be effective, Zero Trust advocates for a “never trust, always verify” mentality with a core principle of enforcing least privilege.

Simply put, Zero Trust is the idea that organizations must restrict all access (both internal and external) until the network can verify who requested access and whether that person is authorized to gain access.

In this ebook, you will learn:

  • How to use Delegated Administration to apply least privilege
  • About Delegated Administration’s benefits 
  • About the five signs your organization needs Delegated Administration

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