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Four current cyberthreats that enterprises can’t ignore

Few enterprises can stop 100% of the cyberattacks launched against them. Download this e-book to rethink your security strategy for now and for the future.

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Businesses are hit with ransomware demands every 40 seconds. Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks are getting bigger, more complex, and more frequent. The increased use of unmanaged Internet of Things (IoT) devices with weak or nonexistent access controls presents growing opportunities for cyberattackers. And enterprises are scrambling to secure all the mobile and IoT devices that their employees use to access company applications and data.

Although organizations know how to mitigate current cyberthreats, a strategy based on a defensive response is simply not enough. Cyberattackers are constantly evolving their tactics, moving on to exploit new security vulnerabilities as soon as organizations launch countermeasures.

Rather than seeking to eliminate every single threat and to block every single attack, enterprise corporations need to proactively rethink their approach to network security.

Download this e-book to get a better understanding of current cyber risks and countermeasures.