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Publishing Factory Simplifies Access to Essential Applications by Centralizing Identity Management with OneLogin

OneLogin has helped us simplify application access while strengthening our security posture.

OLIVIER CHABANEL, Director of Information Systems

Founded in 2015, Publishing Factory in Lausanne, Switzerland offers a full range of digital marketing services. Their services are used by leaders in healthcare, real estate, and finance. Powerful IT tools and proven processes enable them to manage over 2 million customers on behalf of their clients.

As is common with many startups, Publishing Factory originally used G Suite Google Authentication to handle identity management. The process to onboard new users was simple and effective, but offboarding was a manual and intensive process that required IT to remember too many steps. These inefficiencies often led to costly mistakes. Offboarding users was further complicated because Publishing Factory used Google Authentication with G Suite, but other applications require additional manual steps to deprovision users.

A few years ago, the company implemented Bamboo HR as the main repository for all employee and contractor user records. Unfortunately, Google Authentication is incompatible with Bamboo HR. To access this and other software, users had to remember additional usernames and passwords. At the same time, the IT group struggled to understand which employees had access to resources.

“We made note of all access by employee and contractor. However, after time passed, the data tended to be incorrect because it wasn’t always updated. However, it was too time consuming and difficult to maintain. Even our annual audits took several days,” explains Olivier Chabanel, Director of Information Systems for Publishing Factory.

They knew that their user management challenges wouldn’t scale with company growth, which prompted Chabenel to search for a new identity access and management solution for the company’s most important software.

An IT team member researched available solutions but Chabanel favored the seamless integration and simple onboarding process that OneLogin offered. “We move quickly as a company. We conducted a one-month trial of OneLogin and were happy so we went forward,” Chabenel explains.

While the company maintained its policy of requiring usernames and passwords for critical software, it enabled secure access to all essential cloud-based software via OneLogin. This includes Bamboo HR, Amazon Web Services, G Suite, Microsoft Office 365, Salesforce, Slack, and dozens of custom integrations, like a custom marketing campaign manager.

When Publishing Factory onboards new employees or contractors, the HR team creates an account in Bamboo HR which enables automatic & appropriate access. “Our HR team likes OneLogin because it’s so easy to use,” says Chabenel.

Now Publishing Factory’s employees and contractors log onto a single portal where they can access all essential applications. “They no longer need to remember URLs or set bookmarks for their cloud apps,” explains Chabenel.

In addition to simplifying application access for users, OneLogin streamlines identity management for the IT team. “With everything in one place, it’s easy to enable, manage and suspend access, and IT has an accurate understanding of who has accessed what and when. OneLogin has also helped us create and enforce better access standards and policies,” said Chabenel.

According to Chabenel, Publishing Factory has not dealt with an application access issue since using OneLogin. “The combination of centralized identity management and strong security make OneLogin a terrific solution,” he concludes.

Why OneLogin?
OneLogin brings speed and integrity to the modern enterprise with an award-winning single sign-on and identity management platform. Our portfolio of solutions secure connections across all users, all devices and every application, helping enterprises drive new levels of business integrity and operational velocity across their entire app portfolios.

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