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How orderbird Frees Employees to Deliver More Value to Customers by Streamlining Secure Access

I love OneLogin! It removes the burden of manual work in all credential-related processes, allowing me and my team to focus on the ways we can create more value for our employees and customers.


Founded in 2011 with the vision of adapting traditional Point of Sale (POS) solutions to the needs of the modern restaurant business, orderbird AG provides an award-winning, affordable, and intuitive cloud-based POS app. The company’s 110 employees are dedicated to the success of its more than 10,000 customers – from restaurants, cafes, bars and clubs to ice cream shops and beer gardens – in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and France.

This fast-growing company has seen more than 43,000 downloads of its cloud-based solution in Apple’s App Store, helping rank orderbird among the best POS applications in the restaurant business. Available as a monthly subscription, the SaaS-based POS is a simple, lightweight solution requiring nearly no upfront investment – perfect for small business owners who want to focus on food and not the technology that runs their business.

As orderbird quickly grew, they faced the common challenge of managing a rapidly growing employee base needing access to a range of web-based applications, including G-Suite and JIRA. The company’s two administrators were about to become overwhelmed managing application access, accounts, privileges and policies. In fact, they struggled to easily determine the applications each employee could access.

At the same time, employees had trouble remembering all their passwords. As a result, they sometimes shared them via email and other equally insecure means. According to Frank Schlesinger, CTO at orderbird, “Our admins and employees were facing the risk of no longer working efficiently. With GDPR on the horizon, we needed to make it easier to ensure the right access to the right tools.”

After considering a handful of identity and access management solutions, including Okta, orderbird chose OneLogin for its Unified Directory, support for Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), and ability to authenticate LDAP and RADIUS clients with minimal configuration. In addition to being impressed by the OneLogin technology, orderbird also saw OneLogin’s people and processes as a better culture fit with its company.

“We don’t feel like we’re just a number with OneLogin. We can talk to OneLogin experts at any time,” says Alex Friedrich, IT System Administrator at orderbird. “It’s important that we and our partners are aligned around culture and mindset so we can grow and evolve together,” continues Schlesinger.

According to Friedrich, the implementation was seamless; orderbird switched from G-Suite Directory to OneLogin without any issues, and employed RADIUS support for its Wi-Fi and VPN authentication. Today, orderbird has integrated about 50 web apps via OneLogin, including Spinnaker, which the orderbird DevOps team uses to deploy microservices.

With OneLogin in place, orderbird can now easily provision and deprovision employees. As Friedrich explains, “It’s a matter of minutes to onboard and provision users. We simply create user accounts in OneLogin with the relevant access privileges and they are deployed into our G Suite environment seamlessly.”

Newly on boarded employees authenticate to access necessary apps with a few clicks, eliminating the need to remember a list of passwords. “The beauty of the OneLogin solution is that it just works. We never hear complaints from our employees,” adds Schlesinger.

Moreover, orderbird can rest easy once employees leave the company. “Now we have peace of mind knowing departing employees can’t access our resources. Our applications and our Wi-Fi network are protected once we toggle off their access,” explains Friedrich. “When it comes to our engineers, that means we can easily deactivate access so no one can accidentally deploy or destroy our environment,” continues Schlesinger.

By using OneLogin, orderbird has eliminated the wasted time of changing and resetting passwords. It has also removed the need for its administrators to “clean up” once someone has left the company or no longer requires application access. “Our administrators spent hours managing application access and that was a lost opportunity cost. Now they can use their time in ways that are much more valuable to the company,” continues Schlesinger.

Though orderbird hasn’t yet been audited for GDPR compliance, it knows it is in a good place. “With OneLogin, we have centralized password management and policies, which will show auditors we are taking strong measures,” says Schlesinger.

Going forward, Schlesinger is excited by the additional ways orderbird can take advantage of OneLogin, such as orderbird’s back-end system in the cloud that uses lots of credentials and stores them in walled mechanisms. It could move those to OneLogin to further streamline its processes while also leveraging OneLogin’s support for LDAP to make it the central directory of truth for the organization.

“I love OneLogin! It removes the burden of manual work in all credential-related processes, allowing me and my team to focus on the ways we can create more value for our employees and customers,” concludes Schlesinger.

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