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Kinetix Leverages its Trusted Partnership with OneLogin to Increase Annual Revenue by $240,000

Our vision is to be the cybersecurity leader for startups and VC-backed companies. Through our easy-to-implement packages and relationships with partners like OneLogin, we have established ourselves as the set-it-and-forget-it MSP that makes security simple.

CONNER WILKINSON, Vice President of Security and Client Strategy

Kinetix Technology Services is a rapidly growing Managed Service Provider (MSP) supporting high-growth startups in the Bay Area, New York, and beyond. The company provides CTO-level strategic planning and the cumulative knowledge of an entire team of IT pros whose goal is to find the best solution for its clients. The Kinetix managed service operates as if Kinetix were a company’s internal IT department, with incentives fully aligned with the client. With the shared goals of maximizing uptime and productivity at the lowest cost, Kinetix emphasizes proactive service and prevention. As such, it provides a structured, comprehensive offering to maintain its clients’ IT infrastructure with predictable results and for a predictable fee.

Kinetix understands how critical it is to make security the highest priority as cyber attacks become ever more pervasive and ever more damaging. While every MSP claims they’re cybersecurity experts, there’s more to security than installing antivirus and setting up a firewall. In a rapidly changing threat landscape, Kinetix devotes a large amount of resources to stay atop trends and explore the latest security products.

Around 2015, Kinetix saw more customers adopt cloud services, each with varying degrees of security controls. At the same time, major security incidents were becoming increasingly common across its client portfolio. This led to a huge spike in calls from clients to Kinetix’s IT help desk to aid with phishing attacks and data breaches.

According to Conner Wilkinson, Vice President of Security and Client Strategy at Kinetix, “We were cleaning up messes that could have been prevented with proactive security hygiene.”

Though Kinetix pushed security services like Single Sign-On (SSO) and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) as best practices, most clients treated them as nice-to-haves. “It was becoming clear that it was time to stop talking to our clients about security and start taking action. We knew we needed one source of truth so we could control security across all applications,” continues Wilkinson.

By analyzing its clients’ security incidents over several years and publicized reports, Kinetix developed a short list of five essential security tools that would have prevented more than 90% of those incidents. Since almost all the incidents happened because of account hacking, Kinetix reviewed the top SSO solutions with MFA.

When comparing OneLogin SSO and Okta, Wilkinson felt OneLogin was superior in terms of technology, account management, and customer support. He was particularly impressed with OneLogin’s risk-based MFA and one-time password generator application, OneLogin Protect. Additionally, OneLogin’s cloud RADIUS solution, multi-tenancy customer dashboard, and real-time Active Directory sync was not supported by Okta.

“OneLogin more aggressively pushes the envelope with what is possible with identity management. Plus, OneLogin always takes a hands-on, white-glove approach with our relationship,” explains Wilkinson.

Working closely with OneLogin, Kinetix bundled critical tools into its new Security Essentials package, which it was able to offer at a reduced rate to its clients. It then enrolled all clients in the package on a compulsory basis.

Both Kinetix and its clients are extremely happy with the Security Essentials program. “No client has experienced an identity management security incident since completing their OneLogin deployment – alleviating us of endless fire drills. OneLogin’s partnership program was critical to the success of this package, with OneLogin proactively working with us to help ensure adoption,” says Wilkinson.

To date, Kinetix has migrated 2,000 license seats across 40 customer environments to the new program. With zero churn, it has realized an approximate increase of $20,000 net monthly recurring revenue -- for a boost of $240,000 annually.

With OneLogin Single Sign-On, Kinetix has replaced an estimated 10,000 customer passwords by leveraging OneLogin’s support for security assertion mark-up language (SAML) authentication. “Instead of our staff manually typing in lots of data during onboarding and offboarding – and introducing errors – SAML automates much of the work,” he continues.

In addition, the combination of SAML and MFA dramatically reduces the threat of the 80% of breaches related to passwords according to industry stats. Kinetix has wrapped over 3,000 customer apps like G Suite and Egnyte with a second authentication factor. That means even if a credential were compromised, it would still be protected with MFA. At the same time, Kinetix shortened its workflow by 30-40%, saving significant time due to self-service password resets and automated user provisioning and deprovisioning. “That further polishes our reputation as a sophisticated MSP,” continues Wikinson.

That’s not the only way Kinetix has taken advantage of OneLogin offerings to the benefit of its clients. By using OneLogin in combination with Cisco Umbrella, Kinetix is helping clients identify and prevent access to unsanctioned apps, while eliminating spend on unused apps. “The OneLogin and Cisco products complement each other well, and help us help our clients minimize Shadow IT. With Cisco Umbrella, we can identify and block high-risk user behavior, and with OneLogin, we can securely provide access to client-approved systems,” continues Wilkinson.

With OneLogin, Kinetix is empowered to put in place the systems and processes to more quickly solve root problems. “OneLogin enables us to run a more sustainable and consistent business model, with tools that reduce the time for our new clients to become profitable,” concludes Wilkinson.

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OneLogin brings speed and integrity to the modern enterprise with an award-winning single sign-on and identity management platform. Our portfolio of solutions secure connections across all users, all devices and every application, helping enterprises drive new levels of business integrity and operational velocity across their entire app portfolios.

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