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Industrie&Co Calls Upon 10-Year Partnership with OneLogin to Continually Evolve the Employee and Client Experience

OneLogin enables us to grow, supporting new applications as we move business forward and delivering the employee and client experiences that set us apart.


Since 2007, Industrie&Co have delivered some of the most complex technology solutions and new ventures across Australia and Asia-Pacific. Industrie&Co experts combine commercial acumen with deep engineering prowess - to help clients innovate and create scalable digital businesses. Their Financial Services Pedigree and deep experience in designing and building platforms across the Financial Services sector means they understand the challenges financial brands face and can minimize risk as they guide them through their digital transformation journey.

Early on, Industrie&Co selected OneLogin as the foundation of its identity and access management (IAM) practice. Since that time, the company has experienced significant growth and called upon OneLogin to enable a variety of key initiatives.

More recently, already ten years into the partnership, the company is on a mission to positively impact the world in 1 billion ways by 2030. To maintain momentum in a market where there’s a constant war for talent Industrie&Co are focused on creating an outstanding employee experience while delivering groundbreaking solutions at speed and scale for their clients.

“Whatever our IAM need, OneLogin is the tool that gets us there,” explains Leigh Webster, Head of IT for Industrie&Co.

As Webster explains, OneLogin stands out from all the other IAM solutions and vendors they’ve come across. “The overall user experience is far better with OneLogin than alternatives like Okta. From the intuitive, well-designed UI to reliable support, ongoing development and frequent enhancements, OneLogin provides more value,” he says.

In fact, Industrie&Co won’t bring on new applications unless they are compatible with OneLogin. “We set up single sign-on for every product we use, and use two-factor authentication to strengthen security, such as when our clients are accessing our network and applications,” continues Webster.

The ease of use and superior capabilities of OneLogin have served Industrie&Co in a variety of ways. About five years ago, the company set up clients with OneLogin user accounts to provide a seamless, secure gateway for collaborating via JIRA and Confluence.

In fact, Industrie&Co enables and manages application access for all of their users – employees and clients – via OneLogin. “Instead of wasting time creating accounts in various systems and granting access, we can focus on a fantastic onboarding experience that enables our employees to get to work right away and collaborate easily with clients,” continues Webster.

OneLogin was also pivotal in the company’s shift to working from home during COVID. “Other organizations struggled weeks and months after going remote because they were using on-premise systems and needed remote desktops. Thanks to our cloud-first approach and OneLogin as our central console, the transition was easy for everyone and happened in a single day,” he says.

Next, Industrie&Co plans to adopt an HR-driven identity management process with automation that enables a good user experience, seamless onboarding, and the ability for employees to quickly deliver value to clients and the business. “We will enable this by connecting Bamboo HR to OneLogin to streamline and automate access to resources,” concludes Webster.

Why OneLogin?
OneLogin brings speed and integrity to the modern enterprise with an award-winning single sign-on and identity management platform. Our portfolio of solutions secure connections across all users, all devices and every application, helping enterprises drive new levels of business integrity and operational velocity across their entire app portfolios.

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