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Quickly and Securely Enabling a Remote Call Center and Revenue Cycle Workforce

The more you dive into OneLogin, the more you see all the possibilities for transforming. And now we can scale further faster because we’re no longer desktop bound.

ANDREW SIPES, VP Operations, Strategic Business Partner

Familia Dental is on a mission to provide patients with access to comprehensive dental care in modern, state-of-the-art family centers. Serving more than 450,000 patients a year in over 40 locations, Familia Dental is one of the fastest growing dental groups in the U.S. Every practice is supported by Familia Dental Management, a network of administrative and non-clinical-support services including marketing, scheduling, billing, HR, and other business-related structures.

Like many other businesses, Familia Dental has been impacted tremendously by the COVID-19 pandemic. When the Center for Disease Control mandated that all dental practices close their offices, except to provide emergency care, Familia Dental had to quickly enable remote operations. The company’s leadership team called on the expertise of alliance partner ReadyNetworks to quickly pivot and deploy new technology from OneLogin that would help pave the way for greater productivity, a differentiated customer experience and exponential growth.

With operations spanning multiple states, Familia Dental relies heavily on its call center agents in Illinois and Texas, as well as its revenue cycle operations personnel. “We see twice as many patients compared to other dentists, which means our call centers schedule twice as many patients and our revenue cycle staff processes twice as many claims,” explains Andrew Sipes, VP Operations, Strategic Business Partner for Familia Dental.

To ensure its essential personnel could work remotely, the company needed to provide access to EagleSoft, an off-the-shelf practice management system, along with its homegrown on-premise application called One Entry Stop (OES). Familia Dental developed OES to aggregate information from its 40-plus locations into a single interface.

According to Sipes, “We had developed continuity plans but never had to think about remote session infrastructure. To enable a remote workforce, we needed a solution that ensured easy access to our apps while maintaining the security of our data.”

With just two weeks to enable its historically desktop-bound employees to work remotely, Familia Dental turned to its partner, ReadyNetworks, a full-service, global technology solutions firm headquartered in the Chicago area.

ReadyNetworks had previously presented Familia Dental with a vision to digitally transform its operations. Knowing the time was right to execute, the leadership team fully embraced and deployed the OneLogin solution and managed services proposed by ReadyNetworks.

“Sam Barhoumeh, ReadyNetworks’ founder and CEO, and I strategized on how to mobilize a subset of our workforce. Because Sam and his team had already invested so much time to understand our business, we quickly came to agreement on how to move forward,” says Sipes.

The well-conceived, fully turnkey solution combined OneLogin’s solution for Remote Desktop Gateway (RDG), Single Sign-On (SSO), Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), OneLogin Access, and Unified Cloud Directory. As part of the game plan, ReadyNetworks created a workflow to integrate into OneLogin’s RDG product, resulting in higher efficiency of access to all of their legacy infrastructure, while also decreasing the overall volume of helpdesk support tickets. “The solution enables us to both control and audit access,” continues Sipes.

Within 30 days, Familia Dental enabled their entire organization, 700 users, to access multiple on-premise and SaaS applications, including EagleSoft, OES, RingCentral and On-Premise Legacy Infrastructure using RDG. Remote employees log in via OneLogin a single time with SSO and MFA, obviating the need to use a VPN – the previous access method for employees working offsite. Additionally, “OneLogin made it easier for ReadyNetworks to proactively manage and strengthen Familia Dental’s security posture without the expense of additional gear or infrastructure layers,” Sipes states.

“OneLogin allowed us to replace our outdated, on-premise OES software, and avoid the need to supply remote workers with laptops. Users just need a thin client, which is a computer that calls upon resources stored on a central server instead of a localized hard drive, and Internet connectivity to easily access critical applications and enjoy the same app experience,” explains Sipes.

As Sipes says, this solution combined with ReadyNetworks services essentially saved Familia Dental. “Our growth curve on the heels of the last recession signals we should expect volume increases at this time. We wouldn’t have been able to keep up without the OneLogin solution proposed by ReadyNetworks.”

The company has laid the foundation for future savings. Going forward, Familia Dental can avoid investing in high-end infrastructure to support its applications. Plus, because its infrastructure is more secure, it can better control and minimize device management without sacrificing core security. “Most applications come with a cost per user. Now those costs come down as we can abandon on-premise applications for cloud-based ones,” continues Sipes.

“What started as a project to mobilize Familia Dental’s workforce has become the launch point for the company’s digital transformation,” explains Barhoumeh. “The impact of COVID-19 has accelerated and mandated the move for many to digitally transform their businesses. With OneLogin in play, we’re now migrating Familia Dental’s apps to Microsoft Azure, and integrating all SaaS apps with OneLogin, which includes onboarding Familia Dental to Microsoft Office 365. It’s a seamless and secure process that is rending real and sustainable results for Familia Dental and its clients,” said Barhoumeh.

“The more you dive into OneLogin, the more you see all the possibilities for transforming. And now we can scale further faster because we’re no longer desktop bound. At the end of the day, this isn’t about the technology. We’re transforming how we operate so we can survive and ensure no patient gets turned away,” concludes Sipes.

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