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Snapshot: Cloudreach streamlines processes and enables HR-Driven identity with OneLogin

Snapshot: Cloudreach streamlines processes and enables HR-Driven identity with OneLogin
Established in 2009, Cloudreach is the world’s leading independent cloud services company. With more than 10 years of cloud-native experience, the company has built an unmatched depth and breadth of expertise in cloud technologies and their application to business. On a mission to deliver the promise of cloud and drive extraordinary value for its customers, Cloudreach helps enterprises win competitive advantage through successful cloud transformation.


The lean IT team for Cloudreach – a fast-growing company – faced an unmanageable workload due to manual onboarding, offboarding, and auditing. IT spent hours provisioning and deprovisioning employees and new employees were forced to wade through long lists to find needed apps.
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OneLogin gives us a single pane of glass for access management, enabling a holistic view and collaboration between IT and security.

Julia Shacklock, Head of Information Technology, Cloudreach


Cloudreach selected OneLogin over Okta due to pricing and support for automated workflows. OneLogin also enables Cloudreach’s software developers to work with any authentication method and the company to pursue an HR-driven identity strategy with Workday as the authoritative source of data.


OneLogin enabled Cloudreach to improve the work experience for IT, Security, and new employees.

  • Reduce onboarding, offboarding, and auditing processes by several hours
  • Enable streamlined collaboration in a safe environment
  • Empower employees to access accurate data in downstream systems