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Cloudreach Dramatically Streamlines Key Processes and Enables HR-Driven Identity with OneLogin

OneLogin enables efficient processes and provides us the opportunity to continually improve how we operate and collaborate across the business.

Julia Shacklock, Head of Information Technology


Established in 2009, Cloudreach is the world’s leading independent cloud services company. With more than 10 years of cloud-native experience, the company has built an unmatched depth and breadth of expertise in cloud technologies and their application to business. On a mission to deliver the promise of cloud and drive extraordinary value for its customers, Cloudreach helps enterprises win competitive advantage through successful cloud transformation. 


In line with its vision for enabling enterprises to run their business completely in the cloud, Cloudreach – a fast-growing company – runs its own business in the cloud with a lean IT team. However, IT was hamstrung by a manual onboarding process that bogged the group down.
HR sent the new employee list to IT for onboarding. For each employee, IT spent an hour creating accounts across all platforms and sharing a huge credential sheet with joiners. This time quickly added up as Cloudreach added many employees – sometimes multiple per day. The less-than-ideal experience extended to joiners, forcing them to wade through long lists to find needed apps.

When employees departed the company, IT spent hours deleting accounts and revoking app access. As often happens when relying on manual processes, the team sometimes inadvertently overlooked steps and data. Without visibility into these processes, Cloudreach’s Security team relied upon IT to keep them in the loop – another time-consuming effort. 

According to Julia Shacklock, Head of Information Technology for Cloudreach, manual onboarding and offboarding processes created an unmanageable workload for IT. “We either needed to grow the team to keep up or find a way to automate and streamline the processes.”


Shacklock and Cloudreach’s Chief Security Officer agreed on the need for a new Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution. As a major customer of Google’s offerings, Cloudreach had long relied on Google Identity built into the Google Workspace. However, the Google Identity platform didn’t easily integrate with a wide variety of platforms and authentication methods. 

For Shacklock, IAM was important to enable efficiency and maintain a lean IT team. It was important to the CSO from a compliance perspective. “When assisting our customers with their cloud strategy and migrations, we want to ensure our own security measures aren’t a barrier in any way. As a result, our security and compliance setup is advanced because it ultimately enables our customers,” Shacklock explains.

After narrowing its options to OneLogin and Okta, Cloudreach selected OneLogin. “Okta offered similar features, but its pricing structure wouldn’t have cost-effectively enabled our needs as a fast-growing business,” continues Shacklock.

OneLogin supported Cloudreach’s needs for a solid feature set that enables automated workflows and IAM, which made it possible for its software developers to work with any authentication method. Moreover, Shacklock was pleased to discover that OneLogin supported an HR-driven identity strategy. “We didn’t have this in mind as we searched for a new IAM solution, but this capability became quite important to our organization,” says Shacklock.


Cloudreach now enables its Workday onboarding workflow via OneLogin. Before joiners come into the office, they receive an email invitation to set up app access via OneLogin. With all the needed credentials at their fingertips and an intuitive setup, new employees are ready to start working on day one without IT involvement. In addition, Cloudreach uses OneLogin to pre-populate fields in commonly-used apps and frequently-used processes. “For example, we pull details from Workday related to expense reimbursement and populate Cloudreach’s finance system from OneLogin. Approval flows and expense reimbursements are pre-populated and ready to go for new employees,” says Shacklock.

Plus, new employees now interact with their front-line managers on their first day instead of IT. “Managers immediately orient employees to their jobs versus the tools they’ll use to do their jobs. IT’s aim is to be in the background. OneLogin enables that, ensuring we’re not the barrier for new employees getting to work right away,” Shacklock explains. 

In this same vein, OneLogin enables Cloudreach’s security team to monitor application access issues in real time. “Before, we had 150 panes of glass to manage access to 150 systems. OneLogin gives us a single pane of glass for access management across the organization. You can’t underestimate the value of gaining a holistic view and enabling collaborative work between IT and Security.” 

With onboarding, offboarding, and auditing dramatically streamlined, Cloudreach turned its attention to connecting processes and ensuring data consistency across systems. Using OneLogin as the connector to Workday – the authoritative source on employees – Cloudreach is seeing far-reaching effects. Employees can generate reports from any downstream system and be confident that the data is the same as in Workday. “It has improved everyone’s ability to see and interpret what’s going on in the business. When we discuss how to ensure the right data is flowing in order to enable any process, OneLogin plays a role,” continues Shacklock. 

OneLogin IAM also enables Cloudreach’s software developers to work with any authentication method as they develop solutions for customers. It also simplifies their process for building out internal tools for Cloudreach employees.  

Shacklock’s team creates a OneLogin app for developers, enabling developers to work on their apps, while keeping other apps secure from access. Once through testing, IT plugs security onto the app to provide all relevant employees with access. “It’s another example of how OneLogin enables the collaborative way of working we believe in at Cloudreach. We previously felt we lacked full control because our IT estate was fragmented with different approaches and systems. Now, we have a cohesive environment, thanks to OneLogin,” says Shacklock.

Now that Cloudreach has harnessed OneLogin IAM to improve so many processes, Shacklock is exploring additional opportunities. “We find new ways to use OneLogin every few weeks. Once you start using a tool like OneLogin and realize how it can connect to your systems and data, new possibilities pop up all over the place,” she concludes. 

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