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The Move to the Cloud for Multiple Facilities Worldwide

I have noticed our employees have easier access to their applications, faster login times and overall employee experience has dramatically improved, increasing employee satisfaction.

TIM NALE, CIO at Bic Graphics

BIC Graphic is a leader in product safety, quality assurance, social responsibility, supply chain security and environmental stewardship. As one of the largest suppliers in the promotional products industry, BIC Graphic offers the most comprehensive product assortment with the widest variety of decoration methods. BIC Graphic operates five manufacturing facilities across the United States along with strategic product sourcing operations in Hong Kong and mainland China.

Before investing in an Access Management platform, BIC Graphic managed identity access for their user population via multiple channels such as Active Directory, Oracle IP, LDAP servers and a little bit of everything; they did not have a one source of truth for access. BIC Graphic needed to solve a multitude of problems with a new solution, both technical and business, such as user management, onboarding and offboarding, provisioning and deprovisioning, a unified directory system, a better user interface, overall security, and bringing the company over to the cloud. Adding to the complexity, each group of employees had varying levels of access, common applications that needed provisioning, and unique applications based on their particular role.

Tim Nale, CIO at BIC Graphic, realized there was a huge need for an Identity and Access Management provider from a security standpoint. BIC Graphic needed an easy to use, one-stop-shop that could manage their onboarding and offboarding needs, and one able to handle their international employees and their unique needs. Another important factor for BIC Graphic was the ability to have a seamless Oracle integration and a tool that would help bring the company to the cloud. As Nale stated, “We wanted to move to the cloud as opposed to staying on-prem because we have remote employees who work all over the world, and we wanted to be able to support them while maintaining the highest level of security for them.”

It didn’t take long for Nale to notice some exceptional results from OneLogin. From an IT/User management perspective, he saw less manual steps for onboarding and offboarding, unified access, user management (on prem), fine-grained provisioning, faster deployment times, and overall better user profile management. “I have noticed our employees have easier access to their applications, faster login times and the overall employee experience has dramatically improved, increasing employee satisfaction,” states Nale. “The amount of labor we were spending managing accounts in the past has drastically improved. Now our IT team can focus their time working on other tasks that need attention.”

Why OneLogin?
OneLogin brings speed and integrity to the modern enterprise with an award-winning single sign-on and identity management platform. Our portfolio of solutions secure connections across all users, all devices and every application, helping enterprises drive new levels of business integrity and operational velocity across their entire app portfolios.

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