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Automated Provisioning through OneLogin Mapping Engine

The manual provisioning process we were using prior to OneLogin resulted in errors. A username would show up incorrectly in different apps or the username might be off. With OneLogin, the consistency and standardization has helped us to be more efficient.

Andrew Riehemann, Director of Information Technology, Dawson

Dawson, a leading environmental consultancy based in Hawai‘i, needed a cloud-based solution for providing app access to its employees. The OneLogin Professional Services Team helped them take advantage of the OneLogin mapping engine and platform to automate user provisioning and provide single sign-on (SSO).


When Dawson came to OneLogin, they had a very manual process for onboarding users and assigning them to applications, such as Office 365 and Egnyte, and for assigning user licenses to those applications when they configured them manually. Naturally, this resulted in errors. From time to time, a username would show up incorrectly in an app or the username was off.

Dawson not only had a tedious process for onboarding users, but their users also had an inefficient way to log in to their applications. They had to go through 4 or 5 different websites to log in to their various applications. They also had to manage their credentials, usernames, and passwords for each of these various applications. Andrew Riehemann, Director of IT at Dawson, shares that when Dawson fully embraced the cloud, their “biggest challenge was maintaining continuity and a seamless transition from one app to the next for the end user.” He knew it was not realistic for a user to have to remember that many usernames and passwords or to sign in multiple times during the day. In fact, Dawson users were only using the cloud applications they were familiar with, or for which they could remember their password.


Through the OneLogin platform and its flexible mapping engine, the OneLogin Professional Services Team helped Dawson automate user provisioning and provide SSO.

Automated Provisioning through OneLogin Mapping Engine
Some mapping engines require reconfiguring groups and security policies to make the mappings work. However, the OneLogin mapping engine is versatile enough to create brand new rules and mappings to make sense out of existing complexity and turn provisioning into a streamlined process.

Because the OneLogin mapping engine is a logical engine, evaluating certain conditions and taking certain actions, the OneLogin Professional Services Team was able to map out Dawson’s processes to automate the configuration of their users into OneLogin. Professional Services was also able to automate the assignments of licenses and roles into those applications.

Single Sign-On
The OneLogin app catalog has over 4,000 pre-integrated applications and continues to grow. These integrations make it easy for companies to provide SSO.

Through the OneLogin platform, Dawson was able to provide their users the seamless integration between apps that they were looking for. Dawson users can now simply login to OneLogin’s portal and click a button to launch their application without entering a username and password.


Dawson was able to transform complex, manual processes into an extremely efficient, automated process through the OneLogin cloud directory and mapping engine. Dawson estimates the automation shaves off 5 minutes from the user provisioning process. Although this may not seem significant, the real time savings come from system administrators and HR getting it right the first time. The consistency and standardization they have through OneLogin helps them be more efficient.

Also, all Dawson users benefit from having one-click access into their applications. This led to the biggest noticeable change: adoption. Riehemann states, “After OneLogin, we noticed an uptick in site visits across all systems. By removing the accessibility barrier, our users felt empowered ... we noticed some productivity gains among our user community.”

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