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Centralize Users to Empower IT to Manage Security Policies

We were drawn to OneLogin’s open platform. OneLogin’s SAML support and APIs enable us to add single sign-on capabilities to our internal applications.

John Donmoyer, Engineering and Operation

Analyte Leverages OneLogin’s Extensible Platform to Improve Security and Provide SSO Capabilities to their 50+ Private and Public Cloud Applications

Analyte is a cloud power user – over 50 applications, several with shared logins, are used enterprise-wide. Analyte realized that as the company grew, having employees share passwords was neither convenient nor secure. By implementing OneLogin, Analyte established unique login credentials for all its employees and gave IT the ability to manage users in one central location.

Adoption Drivers

Analyte previously used a password storage system which proved limiting. IT needed the ability to easily manage cloud application access and pair each employee with a unique password. Instead of changing everyone’s login when one person leaves, IT can now simply deactivate the employee’s OneLogin account to prevent access to all web applications.

With a look towards the future, Analyte chose OneLogin because it offered the most extensible platform. The company plans to use OneLogin’s Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) toolkit and APIs to add single sign-on capabilities to its internal applications.

Why OneLogin?

OneLogin provided Analyte with productivity enhancing tools for all its employees. Using a secure username and password, Analyte staff access their OneLogin Portal where all web applications are just one click away. In turn, IT can efficiently manage access to the company’s portfolio of cloud applications.

The following features influenced the company’s decision to use OneLogin:

  • Authentication: In seconds, Analyte imported all Google Apps users into OneLogin
  • Password Management: Only certain employees are given the rights to view and edit passwords to the applications found in their OneLogin Portal. As a result, the majority of employees only have to know and remember one username and password – OneLogin’s – and phishing attacks are prevented because employees don’t know the password for each individual application
  • Security Policies: IT can set and enforce security policies through OneLogin
  • Customer Support: The OneLogin HELP button provides instant access to customer support, eliminating the need to fill out support tickets
  • Admin Functions: IT staff can troubleshoot problems quickly by assuming the user’s account without having to physically walk over to the person’s desk or remotely control their desktop

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